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Use These 4 Movements for Better Shoulder Turn in Your Golf Swing

Most golfers want to hit the ball further and improving your shoulder turn is a great way to accomplish that. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) states that having a longer backswing can allow you to apply more force during your swing. The more force you can put into your swing, the more likely you are to increase club head speed & distance. TheTPI-certified trainers behind GTS have constructed golf fitness programs to help improve shoulder turn to help clients increase their yardage.

 The online training programs offered by GTS focus on the fitness components necessary to produce a powerful & efficient swing every time you address the ball. The GTS programming also concentrates on helping golfers play pain-free. The following video highlights four specific movements from the GTS programming that will help you hit the ball further on the course and feel better off it.

Banded Tspine Rotation from the Push-up Position

Attach a resistance band to an anchor point at ground level. Setup in a push-up position with the band on your left side. Reach across your chest with your right hand and grab the band. Keeping your right hand close to your body, rotate your right elbow to the ceiling. Allow the band to pull your right hand back towards the anchor point. Perform 5-10 rotations in each direction while holding the end range of each movement for approximately 5 seconds.

This movement enhances thoracic spine mobility and core strength.

Stick Mobility Tspine Slider from Child’s Pose

Set up kneeling on a mat with knees wider than hips, butt on your heels. Hold a 5-6 foot PVC pipe across your chest. Place the right side of the pipe on an ab slider in front of your right knee. Slide the hand & stick to the left, which will bring your right elbow & shoulder towards the floor. Hold the end range for 5 seconds and slide back to the starting position. Make sure to externally rotate your left arm as you slide. Perform the desired number of reps then repeat the process with the other arm.

This movement enhances shoulder mobility and disassociation.

Half Kneeling Tspine Rotation with Side Bend

Set up kneeling on your left knee inside a squat rack. Place a yoga block between your right hip and the squat rack. Place your fingers behind your ears and retract your scapula. Exhale and rotate your upper body to the right. Perform another inhale/exhale and see if you can rotate further. At your end range, perform a side bend on your right side. Repeat for the desired number of reps then replicate the process on the other side.

This movement enhances scapular stability and lower back flexibility.

Banded A-frame Stretch

Perform a hip hinge and place your right elbow near your right knee. Wrap a resistance band around your right hand and place it near your left knee. Holding the other end of the band in your left hand, parallel to the floor, extend it to the ceiling. Repeat the movement for 5-10 reps then switch arms. Maintain hip hinge throughout the movement.

This movement enhances the hinge pattern and swing sequencing.

These movements will enhance the flexibility and mobility you need to increase the length of your backswing and drive the ball further.

If you’re ready to experience how GTS can help you be a better golfer, visit our On-Demand Training page to discover which program is right for you. You can also fill out a contact form and Coach Shawn or Coach Nick will contact you directly to discuss your options for training with GTS.


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